The process of dissolving a marriage begins with a complaint by one party, often drafted and filed with the help of an attorney. How the divorce proceeds from there and how long it takes to complete will depend on several factors.

If you are ending your marriage, it is recommended that you work with a lawyer who understands the divorce process in Rockville. Our experienced divorce attorneys could counsel you throughout the proceedings and help ensure that your interests are represented.

Beginning Stages of Filing for Divorce

If you wish to file for divorce, the first step in the process is to retain a well-practiced lawyer to help draft and file an initial complaint. This document will cover various issues, such as:

Essentially, whatever the filing spouse is seeking in the divorce should be included in the complaint.

Divorce Summons

After a complaint is filed, the court will give back a summons usually within one to two weeks, which must be served to the opposing party. Our law firm hires a private process server on behalf of the Rockville residents that we represent in the divorce process. Once it is served, one of our attorneys files an affidavit of service to open the divorce case. The opposing party then must respond with an Answer.

Scheduling Conference

The next step of the divorce process is a scheduling conference in court to determine how the case is going to proceed. In this stage, divorcing parties will receive dates for various events. These could include:

  • Mediation
  • Parenting courses
  • Pendente Lite hearing
  • Discovery Cut off dates
  • Trial

After a scheduling conference, the discovery process may begin.

Discovery Process in a Rockville Divorce

Typically, the discovery process entails the exchange of significant information and documentation between the parties. In this stage of the divorce proceedings, a nearby attorney could assist in figuring out what issues are most important to you and where you are willing to settle to reach an agreement.

If the parties reach an agreement, their legal counsel can help file the signed arrangement to end the divorce process. These scenarios are known as mutual consent divorces.

Mediation in the Divorce Process

Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution are often helpful in settling divorce cases. In a divorce case, the court may order parties to work with a mediator. Consulting a dedicated lawyer who has experience with divorce mediators in Rockville could help avoid trial and speed the divorce process.

A mediator’s role is to sit with both parties and their attorneys and get to the core issues of the divorce case and help to reach an agreement. The divorce mediator will work to understand what each party is thinking and where they are coming from to try to bridge the gap. This stage is about finding common ground on various issues, such as the best interests of the children or pertinent financial matters.

This is an opportunity to negotiate and come to an agreement. As such, it is critical for Rockville residents to work with a capable attorney who can facilitate compromise in the divorce mediation process while firmly representing a party’s interests. There are also a great deal of mediators in the Rockville area, so it is beneficial when an attorney knows the mediator they are working with.

Meet With an Attorney to Discuss the Divorce Process in Rockville

Ending a marriage is rarely easy, but dedicated legal guidance could make the difference in obtaining a positive and efficient resolution to your case. A knowledgeable attorney could explain the ins and outs of the divorce process in Rockville and advise you on the best decisions for your circumstances.

Our role is to counsel you through the legal steps and offer insight on how these choices will impact your life. For more information on how we could help you, give us a call today.