Family law matters have a reputation as destroying families and being lengthy legal fights. Unfortunately, the courts must intervene in such issues as divorces, the payment of spousal support, child custody, and child support.

A skilled Bethesda family lawyer could help you navigate these often complex and emotional cases. An experienced attorney can help explain the relevant laws, identify realistic goals, and develop legal strategies designed to make these plans a reality.

When Must a Person File a Case in Family Court?

Familial relationships create both spiritual and legal bonds. These bonds are not easily severed. Bonds such as those shared by parents and children should never be broken, and courts will act to leave those bonds as strong as possible. Bonds between married people are only severable by a court order of a divorce. However, even after divorce parents of shared children will always have them in common.

As a result, married people must petition a court for a divorce, and the court must approve any final divorce decree. While soon-to-be exes may come to a settlement agreement to dictate the terms of a divorce, the court must approve this agreement so that it does not violate any laws.

Similar rules govern court procedures concerning the care for children. According to Md. Code, Family Law §5-203(d)(1), Bethesda family courts have the jurisdiction to decide on matters of child custody and support and must do so in the best interests of the child.

A seasoned attorney in Bethesda could help people protect their rights during any family court case. This includes initiating cases in court or responding when another party has taken the lead in asking the court to intervene in a dispute.

The Role of Legal Counsel in Family Cases

Litigants in Bethesda family law cases are never required to retain the services of a lawyer. However, the advantages of doing so are numerous. Cases in family court are extremely complex and require a knowledge of both the law and the court system to properly navigate.

A simple error in paperwork could lead to a negative result in a case or even in the court refusing to hear the case at all. This could result in a person losing out on property, spousal support payments, or potential child custody rights.

A local attorney could work to take the lead in the case from start to finish. This includes:

  • Meeting with people to identify their goals for court
  • Researching any necessary points of law to come at a case from a position of strength
  • Filing the necessary paperwork with the court
  • Appearing in court to argue for a person’s rights
  • Participating in any court-mandated mediation sessions
  • Presenting evidence at trial to pursue an individual’s goals

Many family law cases have strict time limits to file pleadings in court, so it is important to contact legal counsel immediately to protect your rights.

Talk to a Bethesda Family Attorney Today About Your Case

Facing the prospect of a family law case can be intimidating and frightening. These cases have the potential to decide the fate of your future and that of your children for years to come. All matters ranging from divorces, to child custody hearings, to complaints about failures to pay child support or alimony must flow through a family court.

No matter your family court needs, a Bethesda family lawyer may be able to help. They can work quickly to identify your goals, calculate a strategy to help promote those goals, and fight for your rights in court. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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