Many peoples’ only interaction with the Frederick court system is when they need to turn to a family court to settle a dispute. These courts have the jurisdiction to rule on many important family matters such as divorces, child custody cases, child support cases, and spousal support issues.

Not only do these courts have jurisdiction, but in many cases, you will need to open a case in the court to resolve these critical issues. The outcome of a family law case can affect your life for years afterward. It is vital that you understand the function of the courts and how to protect your rights.

A skilled Frederick family lawyer may be able to help you when you need to go to Family Court in Frederick. Qualified family law attorney could help with a variety of issues to explain the relevant laws, what you need to prove, and to help protect your rights in court.

Common Issues Heard in Frederick Family Courts

Familial relations are not just bonds created through blood or marriage. In most cases, a familiar relationship is also a legal bond. This means that any major change to these relationships, or an ending of a relationship, often requires family court intervention.

A prime example is marriage. People who choose to get married take on a legal and spiritual bond to care for one another. Any attempt to sever that bond carried legal consequences. In fact, it is impossible for two people to obtain a divorce without filing a complaint and appearing in court.

Other prominent examples of family court matters include:

  • Child custody matters
  • The creation of child support orders
  • Spousal support or alimony orders

To resolve any of these legal issues, a person must ask a court to intervene. A dedicated Frederick family law attorney could help people to understand the roles of family courts and to help them initiate cases to accomplish their legal goals.

Working to Give People the Best Chance for Success in Court

While going to court to resolve a family law matter is often unavoidable, this does not mean that people should fear to go to court. In fact, with proper legal guidance, going to court can be a constructive exercise and lead to powerful results.

For example, it is essential to understand that courts in Frederick have the obligation to always act in the best interests of a child under Md. Code, Family Law §5-203(d)(1). Put another way; a court will not be concerned with what parents want. Judges here must act in a way that provides the best future for a child. An attorney could, therefore, frame an argument not explicitly centered around the wishes of a parent, but instead, proffer one that pushes for the idea that a proposed solution is best for the child.

An attorney could also help to settle family law disputes outside of court. In many cases, a court will order two parties to participate in mediation sessions. In others, the parties may wish to enter into negotiations on their own.

In either case, if the parties can come to an agreement concerning the legal matters at hand, the court is likely to accept that agreement and may end the case quickly. A seasoned family lawyer in Frederick could help people to come to resolutions in the most efficient possible way.

How a Frederick Family Attorney Could Help

Family law issues can be some of the most contentious and stressful things that you will ever have to endure. Indeed, with topics that can include property rights after a divorce, the custody of children, and whether you will receive spousal support, the stakes are high. It is essential to go to court with an understanding of the law and to be prepared to make persuasive arguments.

A Frederick family lawyer may be able to help you to accomplish both these tasks. A family law attorney in Frederick could provide essential guidance and insight into the Frederick Family Court. They could also help to gather essential evidence, to author persuasive motions, and to appear in person to argue for your desired result. Contact a Frederick family lawyer today to schedule a consultation.