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Most peoples’ only interaction with the court system is when they need to go to court on a family or domestic matter. It is entirely possible to need to go to court on family matters even though you have done nothing “wrong.” In fact, there are family law judges, called magistrates, that exist in order to create stability and to protect the rights of people in their family law matters.

These disputes can take on many forms. These include divorces, annulments, child support matters, child custody issues, marital property issues, and spousal support disputes, to name a few. The outcome of a case that concerns any of these areas will have a massive impact on your present and future. It is essential that you take steps to protect yourself.

Hiring a Montgomery County family lawyer may be a step in the right direction. An attorney could help to explain the laws that apply to your case, to identify realistic goals moving forward, and to fight for your rights and those of your children every step of the way.

Common Cases Handled in Montgomery County’s Family Court

A family court exists to settle disputes between married people and/or parents/grandparents and family members of children. These disputes are often unavoidable when people make certain decisions in their lives. This is especially true when a decision impacts children.

Perhaps the most visible type of case handled by family courts are divorces. According to Md. Code, Family Law, §7-103, a variety of circumstances can allow a spouse to file for divorce. Maryland allows for fault grounds of divorce as well as no fault. The fault grounds include adultery, desertion, cruelty, or incarceration. The no fault grounds are twelve (12) month, continuous separation and divorce by mutual consent.

A divorce must settle every portion of the litigants’ lives moving forward. Nowhere is this more essential than for the care and custody of children. A court can award custody to one or both parents, a order a parent to pay child support, and set visitation schedules.

A court could also deal with the difficult question of spousal support. Under Md. Code, Family Law §11-101, either party may make a motion to ask a court to make an alimony order. A MoCo family lawyer could help people to understand the functions of family courts and to represent their interests in a family court matter.

Helping People to Avoid Conflict Whenever Possible

Family court cases in our area have the reputation as being lengthy and emotional. A common stereotype of divorce and child custody battles see the two people fighting over every minute detail. While a family court case can certainly involve this level of vitriol, it may be in a person’s best interest to compromise.

A Montgomery County family law attorney could help individuals who wish to remain on good terms with their other family members moving forward. To help in this process, an attorney could represent a person’s interests in all mediation sessions in an attempt to come to a fair settlement without having to fight at trial.

Attorneys could also help to draft prenuptial, postnuptial, and other marital agreements that could serve to simplify any future divorce case. These agreements could speak to the division of assets, the payment of alimony, the payment of child support, and other common sticking points in many family court cases. Using these methods, an attorney could help to simplify and shorten many complicated family law matters.

Talk to a Montgomery County Family Attorney Today

Many cases in MoCo’s family courts are contentious and emotional. Indeed, the outcomes of these cases may impact your finances, your property rights, and even your relationship with your children. It is extremely important to take these matters seriously and to work to protect your rights at every turn.

A Montgomery County family lawyer could provide invaluable help. They can work with you to help you to understand the relevant laws, to identify your goals, to navigate the often-complex court system, and to complete all necessary paperwork and appearances. Contact a MoCo family attorney today to schedule an appointment.

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