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Whenever a legal issue arises that affects a family’s wellbeing, it should flow through a Washington DC family court to be more easily enforceable. Understandably, these family law matters can be highly emotional, and the outcome of a case can substantially impact you and your family’s future, especially if you have children.

A Washington DC family lawyer could help guide you through the complex legal process of litigating familial issues. An attorney from our firm could help identify your goals and needs, explain applicable laws, and take the necessary steps to protect your rights in court. En Español


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The Capital Family & Divorce Law Group is led by Tamar (Tammy) Begun, a passionate and dedicated attorney. Our legal team takes pride in having advised or represented over one thousand clients facing family law issues ranging from divorce and child custody to marital agreements, domestic violence, and more. Our team’s extensive experience means that no matter how overwhelming your family law matter seems, you will understand your legal options and have a fierce advocate on your side.

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Are you facing a legal issue related to an intimate relationship? Marriage, separation, divorce, child custody, child support, division of marital property are among the many formal legal arrangements that people use to organize their family life. If you need help understanding the laws applicable to your rights and obligations with respect to your family, a Maryland family lawyer can provide the assistance you need.

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Family Laws in DC

Marital Contracts

Many people choose to enter into marital agreements before getting married, after marriage, or even upon divorce. A marital agreement is a contract between two spouses that can help them retain control over their shared assets, determine what if any spousal support is appropriate, and what each spouse’s rights to retirement benefits may be in case of a future divorce. A Washington DC family law attorney could help a spouse protect their property rights in a legally binding marital agreement to help them retain control in case their marriage does come to an end.

Issues Involving Children

Another common family law issue is the care and custody of children. All children have the right to a safe and secure home, and a family court is obligated to protect this right in every case. In fact, the Code of the District of Columbia §16-914 states that the primary concern of all family courts is the best interest of the child.

Child custody matters can arise at any time. If a divorcing couple shares a child, their marriage dissolution should also make accommodations for child support and custody rights. At any point following the implementation of a custody arrangement, either parent may ask a court to modify an existing order as long as they experience a substantial and material change in circumstances or, if the parties have agreed to the prior custody order, an unforeseen substantial and material change.

Family courts also hear cases regarding adoption, and working with a lawyer can make adding a member to your family much easier. A family lawyer in Washington DC can help parents navigate through legal issues that involve the care and custody of their children.

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Local family courts have the jurisdiction to rule on matters involving divorces, the care and custody of children, spousal support, and adoption. However, family law is complex, and many unrepresented parties find themselves frustrated and confused.

Working with a Washington DC family lawyer could help you meet your goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner. An especially experienced Washington DC family lawyer would know the best way to advocate for your position depending on the particular judge.

A member of our diligent legal team could assist you with all your family law needs. From divorces and marital agreements, to fighting for custody of children, and completing an adoption, reach out to one of our attorneys today to see how they might be able to help you.

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