Legal issues involving family can be challenging and confusing. Whether you are contemplating divorce, establishing child support, or seeking protection from an abusive partner, having a compassionate attorney at your side throughout the legal process can make all the difference in your case.

A Gaithersburg family lawyer has the skills and experience necessary to guide you through this difficult time. Let our legal team advise and help prepare you to make crucial decisions for you and your family.

Types of Family Law Matters

Most people think of family lawyers as those who represent clients in divorce and custody cases. However, a family attorney can help in many other matters as well, including:

  • Temporary, rehabilitative, and indefinite spousal support
  • Prenuptial, postnuptial, and marital settlement agreements
  • Grandparent and third-party visitation
  • Paternity
  • Child support modification
  • Protection from abuse orders
  • Division of marital property

This area of law is complex, and anyone facing these issues should seek advice from a seasoned Gaithersburg family attorney.

Protection from Domestic Abuse in Gaithersburg

Maryland’s family laws provide options for domestic violence victims seeking protection from their abusers. Civil protection orders can provide a measure of safety for a person subject to abuse from a current or ex-spouse, family member, or former partner. The individual requesting protection has the burden of proving the threats or abuse against them.

Under Maryland Code Annotated Family Law Article §4-504, the first step in obtaining a protection order in Gaithersburg is to file a petition with a commission or in Montgomery County Circuit or District Court. A judge will then listen to the petitioner’s evidence and determine whether to grant a temporary protective order. If an order is issued, a judge must conduct a final hearing within seven days and could grant a protective order which may bar the abusive person from contacting the petitioner for up to 12 months. A knowledgeable family lawyer in the area can help the petitioner prepare the necessary documents and effectively present their case to a judge.

The Benefits of Working with a Skilled Family Attorney

In matters involving domestic relations, it is crucial to work with a dedicated and compassionate attorney. There are many benefits of hiring a family lawyer rather than representing oneself.

Saving Time and Money

Even relatively straightforward family law matters can take considerable time to resolve in the court system. More complex issues often involve extensive legal research and knowledge. A litigant who is unfamiliar with the applicable court procedures in Gaithersburg may face a longer and more expensive case than if they had hired an experienced family lawyer.

Experienced Representation in the Courtroom

When fighting a legal battle, courtroom experience is critical. Seasoned family lawyers are familiar with the state and local rules and procedures. They also know how to effectively present a case to a judge and implement a strategy to strengthen their client’s legal position.

While many family law cases can be resolved without going to court, a person facing possible litigation should consult a family attorney in Gaithersburg before attempting to proceed on their own.

Providing Objective Advice

When emotions run high in a divorce or other family law matter, it can be difficult for the parties to make calm, reasoned decisions. In addition to courtroom expertise, a caring family attorney can offer objectivity and emotional support as the family navigates their legal matter.

Contact an Experienced Family Attorney in Gaithersburg

The attorneys at our firm understand that family legal matters can be difficult and emotional experiences. Whether it is a custody matter, marital property dispute, or child support collection case, you need the support of a dedicated legal advocate.

Our Gaithersburg family lawyers strive to provide the most effective advice by listening closely to your needs and determining a strategy that best meets them. Call a member of our legal team today to discuss your case.