Family law can be emotionally and financially complex. The lawyer you choose to help you with these personal matters should give you the tools you need to make educated decisions about your case.

A compassionate Anne Arundel County family lawyer understands the highly sensitive nature of various family-related legal issues. Our firm’s dedicated legal advocates could work to lessen your stress and resolve your case in a way that serves the best interests of you and your family.

What is a Family Law Attorney?

Family lawyers are legal professionals who concentrate on matters relating to family relationships. In some cases, family attorneys advocate for one party or the other. In other matters, a trained family lawyer may act as a mediator and help both sides resolve their disputes outside of court.

Regardless of the nature of the case, family lawyers seek to protect their client’s legal rights and preserve children’s best interests. Working with a trusted Anne Arundel County family attorney could ensure that a party is effectively represented, either in settlement negotiations or in court before a judge.

The Role of a Family Lawyer in Domestic Disputes

A seasoned family attorney can wear many hats. Some of their responsibilities when representing an individual include:

  • Preparing and presenting petitions in court
  • Arguing a party’s position to a judge
  • Drafting legal contracts, including prenuptial, postnuptial, and property settlement agreements
  • Counseling clients on divorce and separation and custody matters
  • Representing parties in domestic violence hearings
  • Working with other experts and professionals, such as physicians, psychologists, law enforcement, social workers, and child custody evaluators in order to represent parties in a divorce or custody matter.

An accomplished family lawyer in Anne Arundel County understands the complex personal and legal matters involved in family disputes. A diligent attorney could work to preserve an individual’s legal rights while respecting the importance of their family relationships.

Common Cases Family Attorneys Handle

While family lawyers are often thought of as primarily divorce attorneys, they handle many more legal matters, such as:

Child Custody

In Anne Arundel County child custody disputes, the child’s best interests are always the court’s primary focus. A parent must understand that this is the judge’s guiding principle when presenting their case in court. A knowledgeable family lawyer could explain further what factors judges consider when determining best interests during an initial consultation.

Protection from Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence includes confrontations between family or household members involving physical or emotional harm, the threat of injury, or stalking. Non-family violence victims may obtain legal peace orders to protect themselves from further harm and intimidation from their abuser.


Establishing the legal rights and responsibilities of a man to his child is known as paternity. Skilled family lawyers are well-versed in contested and uncontested paternity actions and could guide a father through the legal process.

Marital Agreements

Many couples can benefit from a well-crafted marital agreement. Whether via a prenuptial, postnuptial, or marital settlement agreement, parties can define their rights and obligations if they ever were to separate or divorce. Marital agreements may address child custody and support, alimony, property rights, and various other issues related to the couple’s relationship and children.

These various family-related matters can present unique legal challenges for the parties involved. An experienced family lawyer in Anne Arundel County is well-versed in the laws governing family relationships and could zealously advocate for a specific individual’s rights.

Seek Guidance from a Knowledgeable Anne Arundel County Family Attorney

When legal matters affect your family, you might feel helpless and alone. You may have no idea how to make ends meet, protect your safety and that of your children, or determine your fair share of marital property. Whether you are a husband, wife, parent, or grandparent, a committed Anne Arundel County family lawyer is prepared to help you reach a favorable resolution of your case. Call now to schedule a consultation.