Domestic matters can be very sensitive in nature and difficult to deal with. If you are dealing with a family law problem, an experienced Virginia family lawyer can provide you with legal guidance to make the process easier for you. You do not have to deal with your situation alone.

Available Family Law Services

Our team of attorneys in NoVa has extensive experience in family law matters. We provide assistance with prenuptial, postnuptial, and marital agreements. We represent parties in divorce actions. We assist with separation agreements. We help negotiate and enforce spousal support agreements, child custody agreements, alimony payments, and child support agreements.

Regardless of the type of domestic matter that you are dealing with, a seasoned Virginia family lawyer can guide you through your problem.

Family Law in Virginia

Matters that are domestic in nature fall under the category of “family law” in Virginia. This includes agreements entered into by married couples. Virginia Code § 20-148 allows couples to create prenuptial agreements, which are agreements that couples enter into prior to marrying. These agreements cover issues like who gets what property in the case of death or divorce, spousal support, and terms regarding any trusts or wills of the parties. Virginia Code § 20-155 governs postnuptial and marital agreements, which are agreements entered into by a couple after they are already married, although the terms allows in such agreements are the same as those allows in prenuptial agreements.

Family law also includes divorce, and 2006 Code of Virginia § 20-91 provides that there are two ways to get a divorce in Virginia: for-cause and no-fault. In a for-cause divorce, one spouse files for divorce based upon certain conduct of his/her spouse. Virginia also allows couples to enter into a separation agreement and apply for a no-fault divorce after the couple has been separated for a specified period of time.

Couples who are separating or divorcing and have children must also make determinations regarding child support and child custody. Child support is governed by Virginia Code Section § 20-108.2, and provides that a non-custodial parent must pay a statutorily determined amount of child support to the custodial parent, unless he/she can prove that a different amount is appropriate. Child custody is governed by 2006 Code of Virginia § 20-124.3 and provides that courts consider a variety of factors to determine child custody, with emphasis on what is in the best interest of the child.

A Virginia Family Lawyer Can Help

Family law matters can be complex and overwhelming, not to mention emotionally taxing. Our team of experienced attorneys in NoVa can help with everything from cohabitation agreements and domestic violence to assisted reproductive technology. We support and advise you through every step of the process. We represent you at any court appearances. We advocate zealously on your behalf.

Whatever type of family law matter you are facing, having the support and guidance of an experienced family lawyer can help alleviate much of the stress and pressure that you are facing. Take the first step today to learn more about how we can help you with your case. Schedule an initial consultation!