Every family law case is different, and therefore the role that an attorney plays in a specific case will vary depending on the types of cases they represent and the specific circumstances of these cases. Among the most common types of cases that a lawyer may handle include cases relating to child support, spousal support, custody, visitation, division of property and debt, and divorce.

When dealing with these any of these types of cases, it is important to look for a family lawyer who has experience in this very nuanced area of the law. Hiring a family law attorney in Virginia who can understand their client’s goals and the goals of their family, create a strategy, and give advice in their case will be invaluable to those going through any family related issues.

When to Contact Legal Representation

It is always best to contact a family lawyer as soon as a person realizes they have a legal situation that needs to be addressed that relates to the family. That could be anything from consideration of a prenuptial agreement before getting married, to the realization that their marriage may be dissolving, and going in to see a lawyer to find out what their rights are and how best to approach their situation.

To best prepare for a meeting with an attorney, it is helpful if somebody comes in with a brief summary of their family situation. Sometimes people will bring those in writing and that can be useful for their attorney to determine their role in the case and how best to proceed. If an individual’s case relates to a financial matter, then bringing in basic documents such as tax returns, statements of retirement accounts, and bank accounts can also be helpful.

Dissolving a Marriage

The process involved in dissolving a marriage depends on the type of family that a person has. For example, if a person has children, one of the involved matters is a determination of a custodial schedule for those children that is in their best interests, as well as payment of child support. Additionally, the division of assets and debts will be addressed in the dissolution of the marriage. In some cases where appropriate spousal support may be an issue, that will need to be addressed as well and will fall under the role of their attorney.

Benefits of An Attorney

There are many different considerations and decisions to make and take into consideration that will depend on a person’s individual case. If there is a custody case, what is at stake is the decision that could impact the well-being of the children, and a Virginia family lawyer’s role will be making sure to keep control of the legal matters and allow the parents time to consider what is best for their children. If it is a divorce or separation case, the landscape of that person’s financial future is an important consideration. If it is a case involving a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, what is at stake is how the marriage will be dissolved and settled in the event that it should result in divorce.

A lawyer should be able to provide security or reassurance to a person going through a legal conflict relating to their family by explaining what the process is going to look like and what that person’s rights will be. An attorney’s role can also be to provide support by giving guidance to someone in relation to the decisions they need to make and the actions they need to take, whether it be related to children or to finances.