Few things in life are more frustrating than an ex-spouse who does not comply with the final judgment of divorce. A Rockville post-divorce disputes lawyer can help you enforce your rights after the dissolution of your marriage.

On the other hand, if your circumstances have changed since your marriage dissolution, one of our attorneys can advocate for post-divorce modifications on your behalf.

Contested Issues after Divorce

Divorcing couples face many complex issues during the process of marriage dissolution. Courts expect strict compliance with a final divorce decree, which may include the terms of a separation agreement.

However, sometimes a former spouse’s circumstances change quickly after getting divorced. A Rockville attorney can help navigate post-divorce disputes, such as:

  • The payment of alimony or child support
  • Changes in custody or visitation
  • Failure on the part of one spouse to comply with court-ordered actions

Examples of a former spouses’ noncompliance include a failure to sell or refinance a house, obtain a life insurance policy, repay funds according to the divorce decree, and sign paperwork to affect court-ordered changes.

Refusal to comply can be deliberate or a reflection of serious life events that leave one party unable to meet court-ordered obligations. In either case, a Rockville attorney who is familiar with litigating post-divorce disputes can make a substantial difference in making any necessary modifications to the terms of your marriage dissolution.

Consequences for Noncompliance

A final judgment of divorce is a legally binding court order. A family law court can hold a party in contempt and impose purge provisions to compel compliance with the court order. In cases involving failure to pay child support, a judge can imprison the offending party.

If a person is unable to meet court-ordered obligations, or if a party is in defiance of their legal responsibilities regarding support, children, property, or debts, a lawyer with experience in post-divorce disputes can help protect either party’s rights. Remedies for noncompliance in Rockville can include garnishing wages, allowing a third party to sign crucial documents, or requiring the offending party to pay the other person’s legal fees.

Can a Court Change the Final Judgement of Divorce?

While a judgment of divorce is considered final, if either party experiences a material change in circumstances after divorcing, a court may modify the decree. For example, a party may become disabled or lose a job and be temporarily or permanently unable to meet their financial obligations. As children grow older, issues may arise around custody, medical issues, or educational concerns. A Rockville post-divorce modifications attorney can help navigate these difficult issues.

Let a Rockville Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney Help

Whether you are frustrated by a noncompliant ex-spouse, or you have experienced life-changing circumstances leaving you unable to meet your obligations, a Rockville post-divorce disputes lawyer can help. Either party may petition the court for relief by filing a motion to enforce or modify their final divorce decree.

Things can happen that make what the court ordered regarding support, real estate, debts, or children obsolete. An attorney from our firm can help you get what you need after your divorce.