Divorce is a uniquely painful event. As you move through the process of “uncoupling,” feelings of hurt and loss may arise as you navigate your way out of a marriage. Especially when children are involved, you may not want to go the traditional route of opposing attorneys, a path that can escalate conflict quickly and heighten raw and angry feelings.

A Rockville mediation lawyer offers an alternative way to end your marriage with less fear, cost, and conflict than the traditional court process. If you think that you and your spouse can make an agreement about how you want your marriage to end, a skilled divorce attorney can help you take the next steps.

The Unique Advantages of Mediation

The process of divorce litigation can become contentious quickly. While trying to protect one party’s interest, a divorce lawyer may advocate aggressively and elicit a similar response from the opposing party. Mediation, on the other hand, does not involve two opposing lawyers.

A Rockville mediation attorney serves as an impartial arbiter, helping couples address their contested issues like asset and debt distribution, custody, visitation, alimony, and child support. If both parties fully participate in alternative dispute resolution, mediation can result in an agreement which may then be used as a final divorce decree without the spouses ever having gone to trial.

How Mediation Works

A lawyer in Rockville would act as a neutral party with a deep understanding of the issues involved in divorce as well as the struggles of divorcing couples during mediation. Both parties will generally sign an agreement confirming their understanding of the fact that mediation is confidential and will not be used in any manner if the parties do file for divorce in the future.

Once spouses have agreed to participate in alternative dispute resolution and chosen a Rockville attorney, they will meet with the lawyer they have chosen to mediate together. Sometimes the attorney will ask that they both fill out informational paperwork before the first meeting, outlining things such as income, joint expenses, real estate holdings, debts, and issues related to children. The parties will then sit with the mediation lawyer and begin the process of working on an agreement. Although it is important to note that the mediation lawyer does not represent either party during the mediation.

Many times, couples will successfully work out acceptable solutions to their contested marital issues in mediation. However, there are circumstances where couples hit a roadblock and cannot proceed. In this case, the work they may have accomplished in the process is considered confidential, and they may seek separate representation to conclude the negotiations and proceed to a divorce.

When mediation is successful, the mediation attorney may draw up an agreement reflecting what the parties have agreed to, which may then be incorporated into a final judgment of divorce. Parties save money and time when using mediation and often feel grateful that things did not proceed to trial.

How a Rockville Mediation Lawyer Can Help You

Let one of our attorneys review the information with you and your spouse, advise you on what to bring to your first meeting, and set the legal parameters for what you can and should address in your final agreement. If you have children, engaging in alternative dispute resolution can help you start the path of co-parenting with a positive outlook.

A Rockville mediation lawyer can help bring you the peace of mind you need to start your life over after divorce. If you want to try mediation and your spouse agrees, you can reach out to our firm for an initial consult and more information on the process.