Couples often end relationships as a result of communication difficulties, emotional distance, and financial stress. Divorce frequently exacerbates these existing issues, resulting in bitter and contentious legal proceedings. You may need a qualified attorney to protect your interests in a situation where one party is determined to make the divorce process more difficult than it needs to be. Whether you need help asserting your custody rights, claiming alimony or child support, or dividing marital property, consider retaining a Rockville contested divorce lawyer.

Common Reasons for Lengthy Divorce Litigation in Rockville

Sometimes, an emotionally damaged spouse tries to punish the other party by refusing to engage in constructive divorce negotiations. If parties to a divorce cannot come to an agreement on their contested marital issues, the final decisions will be left up to the court. The following issues often create contention between couples and require judicial intervention:

Child Custody and Support

When parents get divorced, judges must determine the custody arrangements that are in the best interest of the minor children. The judges can do so only by evaluating the evidence produced by both parties at a trial. Custody disputes may take months or even years to resolve.


A lesser-earning spouse may be able to claim entitlement to ongoing support payments from their ex after divorce. Few spouses wish to keep supporting an ex-spouse years after the marriage ends, so couples often engage in heated litigation during alimony disputes.

Property Division

As an equitable distribution state, judges in our area divide marital property equitably based on the factors outlined in Maryland Family Code §8-205. Spouses who cannot agree on how to divide their income, assets, and property will likely engage in contested divorce litigation.

Marital Agreement Disputes

Couples may contractually modify their property distribution and alimony rights before, during, and upon the dissolution of their marriage. Couples may be as creative as they want went entering into such marital separation agreements, however, if the parties are not able to agree, the court will have the final determination on the financial futures of both parties.

If one party challenges the terms of a spousal contract, it may result in a complicated contract dispute case that requires knowledgeable counsel to understand and navigate. An experienced attorney can represent couples in our area during contested divorce cases and advocate for a fair resolution to custody, alimony, and equitable distribution disputes.

Benefits of Retaining a Local Attorney before Contested Divorce Proceedings

Emotions often run high in heated divorce lawsuits. A Rockville lawyer can facilitate communication between spouses before, during, and after contested divorce proceedings. An attorney can explain a spouse’s rights and obligations, respond to legal complaints from the other party, and help divorcing couples avoid contention during litigation. Lawyers may also be appointed to represent children during custody and visitation disputes and can even act as mediators in some cases.

Resolving Contested Marital Issues through Mediation

Spouses may reduce the time and costs associated with divorce litigation by resolving contested marital issues outside the courtroom. Alternative dispute resolution allows estranged spouses to attend mediation sessions where they can agree on the ownership of individual property or draft proposed parenting plans. Rockville family judges may order parties to a contested divorce to attend mediation sessions with qualified legal counsel.

Even if spouses cannot agree on contested issues, they may be able to identify and narrow down the nuances of their contention during mediation. Sometimes resolving even a minor issue through mediation could result in greater cooperation on a divorce settlement.

Connect with a Dedicated Contested Divorce Attorney in Rockville

Some attorneys fan the flames of divorce for their financial benefit, but our compassionate legal team understands the value of professionalism, vigorous advocacy, and alternative dispute resolution. Speak with an experienced Rockville contested divorce lawyer today about protecting your personal, parental, and financial rights.