Separating or dissolving a marriage is not a quick process. There are many rules that a separating couple must follow in order to be granted an absolute divorce by the Court. For example, in the State of Maryland, a couple must be separated for one year before they will be granted a divorce, unless there are grounds for divorce. It is best to speak to a local attorney to discuss your legal options for separating and divorce in Maryland. Speak to our legal team to learn about the Rockville divorce requirements.

Is There a Way To Circumvent The Filing Deadline?

This is totally inaccurate. A forum non conveniens is used to express to the court the venue is improper, and the case must be moved to the proper venue (or jurisdiction). This is used when someone files for divorce in an improper jurisdiction and we are trying to have the case moved.

Are There Any Specific Requirements That a Couple Must Meet Before They Are Permitted To File For Divorce In Rockville?

A couple has specific requirements that they must meet in order to file for divorce. They have to be able to prove the grounds that they are seeking a divorce on, or that they have been separated for one year. The couple has to be able to prove that they have been separated for a year, they have to prove adultery if they are filing on the ground of adultery, they have to prove cruel treatment if they are filing on the ground of cruelty.

How Does The Legal Separation Differ From a Divorce In Rockville?

A legal separation essentially starts the divorce process. There are certain reliefs available to people who request and seek a limited divorce. The legal separation is called a limited divorce. During the legal separation there will be a court hearing to determine how certain things are going to be while the divorce is pending because divorce can take over a year, so the Court determines temporary rulings to ensure things like custody and use-and-possession are settled while the divorce progresses.

People sometimes try to get a limited divorce, before they go through the actual divorce process to decide things like custody and support. For example, if one party moves out, and they have the kids, they can determine child support during that period that the divorce is pending before they are fully divorced. During that legal separation, there are certain remedies that are available to people while they are going through the whole process.

What Is The Purpose Of Rockville Divorce Requirements?

The purpose of these requirements is because the law still values marriage and unity. The courts do not want people to be able to get in a fight and then go get a divorce and regret it later. That is not an efficient use of the court’s time. The divorce requirements are put in place to slow people down, make them think about it, be separated, understand what it is like to live without the support of the spouse, and then make a decision based off that time of being separated. The court also values the best interest of the child, which is often with both parents in the home.

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There are rules and regulations that a couple must abide by before they are legally able to dissolve their marriage. In the State of Maryland, a couple has to be separated for a year before they even have grounds for divorce unless there are other grounds and those other grounds are things like adultery abuse, abandonment, cruelty, and incarceration. It is important to know the Rockville divorce requirements so that they can make sure that they are complying with that before they actually start the dissolution process. Call today to get started.