The dissolution of marriage or divorce can be emotionally and financially taxing. It is the legal ending of the legal union between two people. Divorce can be very emotional, and emotions oftentimes cloud judgment.

The dissolution of marriage does not always have to be a very complicated process. In fact, it can be quite simple. The best way to simplify a divorce is by having a prenuptial agreement. People often think that prenuptial agreements are for people with massive assets, who have a ton of money but really, a prenuptial agreement is a contract that dictates what is going to happen if and when the marriage ends.

What can make a divorce complicated is when there are a bunch of assets and a couple has issues dividing their marital property. Even though the couple is breaking up, they are still going through this process together. And if they keep that in mind, it tends to be less complicated. It is important to know your rights and legal options when dissolving a marriage. Reach out to a seasoned attorney to learn about important considerations for Rockville divorce cases.

Absolute Marriage

Divorces end with a Judgment of Absolute Divorce, with people often refer to as a divorce decree. The judgment of absolute divorce often lays out the court’s findings for the grounds for divorce.

Often, it will incorporate if the parties divorced by agreement, which is mutual consent grounds. Each party will sign a separation agreement, and that agreement will be incorporated into the judgment of absolute divorce. If no agreement, the Judgment will list out the findings, and dictate the Court’s order regarding all marital issues.

The Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce

A contested divorce is when one party does not agree to the terms that the other party has set forth in their Complaint. One spouse will ask for certain things like use and possession of the house, equity in the home, or full custody of the kids. If the other party does not agree, then it becomes contested. With a contested divorce, there has to be grounds in the State of Maryland, one year separation, adultery, cruelty, abandonment, and other reasons.

Most divorces start as contested and then end in an agreement which makes them become uncontested and mutual consent. Uncontested divorce occurs when everything is already agreed on and the couple agrees to be divorced. Often, there is an uncontested divorce by mutual consent.  That is the only ground for an uncontested divorce is when there is mutual consent. Mutual consent is when both parties agree and they sign an agreement.

How Long Does The Dissolution Of a Marriage Take?

It is very difficult to estimate how long these processes will take, especially in the era of COVID. A divorce can take about a year if it is highly contested. If the divorce is uncontested divorce, then it can take a few months. It  depends on the type of case, the amount of marital assets, and how cooperative each party is, and what is at issue.

Contact An Experienced And Local Divorce Lawyer Today

If a spouse is considering divorce, they should contact a divorce attorney as soon as possible. A spouse does not have to have make the decision to divorce with their partner. Often, it is important to contact a divorce attorney before they contact their spouse. This is so that an attorney could help you to get your ducks in a row before you make a decision out of emotions or without enough information. A divorce attorney can be helpful and guide you through those initial stages, how to approach it properly and without emotions. Call today to discuss important considerations for Rockville divorce cases.