Raising a child does not simply mean giving that child love and affection. It also means providing a child with material support. The laws in Maryland recognize this fact and require all parents of children to provide money to help in the raising of a child.

Of course, if the parents live together, the two will pool their resources to make this happen. However, a divorce, a separation, or a child born out of wedlock may erode this support. As a result, family courts have the power to order a parent to pay child support to the primary custodian of the child(ren).

A Rockville child support lawyer could help you to ensure that your child(ren) receive all the support that they deserve. A family attorney can also file motions in court to establish a support order and filing contempt if necessary or for other relief from the court.

The Legal Basis for Child Support

It is a central concept in Maryland state law that all parents have a legal financial responsibility to care for their children. If the parents sever their legal relationship, by divorce, for example, the court must make sure that this legal obligation is met. This includes setting up a custody plan and making arrangements for the payment of child support. Child support is a right belonging to the child(ren).

Under Md. Code, Family Law §12-202, the state utilizes a set of guidelines to order a non-custodial parent to pay support. The court is obligated to follow these guidelines in most cases with a few extreme exceptions.

A failure to provide any child support by one parent may have legal consequences. A knowledgeable attorney could help Rockville parents understand their financial duties towards their children and help them to pursue legal remedies in cases of setting up child support payments.

Working to Ensure Fair Payments in Rockville

Any child support order carries the full weight of the law. This means that a parent who fails to provide timely payments may be in contempt of court. A finding of civil contempt could require a parent to pay directly from their wages, to forfeit a driver’s license, or even may result in the court placing a lien on property. Repeated instances of contempt may even lead to incarceration.

It is in everyone’s best interest to make sure that it never comes to this.

An attorney could work to modify any existing child support orders when appropriate. Md. Code, Family Law §12-104 says that either party to a support order may ask a court to issue a modification if a material change in circumstances makes a current order unjust. These changes may include the loss of a job, foreclosure on a home, or even a promotion.

A lawyer in Rockville could help modify an existing child support order to prevent any allegations of failure to provide payment.

Consult with a Rockville Child Support Attorney Today

The most important matter in any family law case, and indeed in life, is the welfare of your children. Every parent has a moral and a legal obligation to provide support for their kids. Even in cases where a parent no longer lives with their child, they must provide financial payments to help pay for expenses for the minor children; including, but not limited to housing, food, extra-ordinary medical expenses, etc.

The establishment of child support payments is key to this dynamic. A court has the power to order any parent, regardless of financial situation, to contribute towards the welfare of a child. Anyone who fails to make these payments could suffer severe civil and criminal penalties.

A Rockville child support lawyer could help you to establish a fair child support payment plan. They could also work to modify any court order that is no longer compliant with the law. Finally, they could stand by your side and be your strongest advocate during any case involving a failure to pay, either as a payor or payee. Contact the firm today to schedule a consultation.