Post-divorce Disputes in Montgomery County | After Marriage Dissolution

After a divorce, things are not always over. It could be the beginning of a time when people are still arguing over what is going to happen post-divorce, and one of the most common areas in which people could still have disputes would be child access and custody. Post-divorce disputes in Montgomery County are known to be contentious, so it may be wise to retain the service of a seasoned attorney.

An attorney can help assist in the communications that are necessary between you and your ex-spouse to avoid running into court prematurely. In addition, if you do have to go back to court, an experienced divorce attorney would be able to advise you on how to preserve evidence and suggest several ways the issue could be resolved amicably.

Child Custody Disagreements

Child custody is a life-long issue that binds people, and many times it is helpful if two parties with young minor children have had a long time to learn how to co-parent, especially if it is a new idea for them to co-parent, and they have to consult with the other party and communicate.

The Use of Parenting Coordinators

Family law attorneys often recommend what is called parenting coordinators, who are professionals such as attorneys or mental health professionals trained to deal with parties’ conflict. Often, the attorneys, social workers, or therapists who help the parties post-divorce to assist the high conflict parents to communicate with each other. These parenting coordinators act as an objective third-party who is there on behalf of the children and could facilitate communication and co-parenting between the parties. The parenting coordinators may also be able minor decisions regarding a schedule change. For example, if a parent has to go out of town for a wedding or family celebration, and they want to take the child or children with them, and it is not their weekend, the parents may enter into a temporary agreement with the parenting coordinator. The parenting coordinator could assist with the parties’ reaching a temporary agreement and arrange a makeup time or work that out between the parties.

The parenting coordinator is a very useful tool. They often assists the parties in keeping them out of court and out of litigating in the future because the parenting coordinator may be able to diffuse situations.

Financial Child Support

Another area in which there are constant post-divorce disputes in Montgomery County is financial child support. It could be an issue in which one of the parties begins making more money, or child support is not being paid promptly, or someone lost their job or any of those things.

It could be extracurricular activities in which the parties are supposed to be sharing expenses or health care expenses, or it could be alimony, basically almost anything to do with support, and child custody and access, the largest area of continued disputes.

Dividing Marital Property

Additionally, ex-spouses may have an issue on how to execute the marital property division, but that is usually clear because there is a court order or the parties realize what they have to do in that event. Sometimes, there are issues with regards to changing titles on cars or selling homes, and someone moving out quicker. There are many facets that could arise that could possibly create a situation in which one or both parties may need to consult with their attorneys.

Reach Out To a Local Divorce Attorney As Soon As Possible

The biggest area that seems to trigger post-divorce disputes would be disputes over the child and finances, which are the two biggest reasons that people end up in divorce or custody court, to begin with. There are many ways an attorney could help with post-divorce disputes in Montgomery County. A lawyer could write a letter to either the former attorney and/or the other party to outline what the issues are in an attempt to reach a resolution before running back into court. An experienced divorce attorney could guide you so that you do not end up in court unless you absolutely have to. Call today to learn more about how an attorney could help.