Getting divorced in Montgomery County can be an expensive legal process. There is a $165 fee just for filing for divorce, and other expenses depend on the contested or uncontested nature of the case, how long it take to litigate those issues, and who the parties hire for their individual legal counsel. Contested divorces in Montgomery County are extremely expensive because they involve two parties arguring over the terms of their dissolution.

Some other issues that raise the cost of a Montgomery County divorce are child custody, marital property, child support, and alimony — especially if they are contested. It is very difficult to give a figure of what one divorce could cost, as it depends on the facts and circumstances of each individual case. For this reason, it is advisable to enlist the professional services of a knowledgeable and driven divorce attorney who can help you minimize the costs associated with dissolving a marriage.

Who is Responsible for Covering These Costs?

The parties are responsible for covering the costs of a Montgomery County divorce. Each party generally has to pay for their own legal representation, but once they get to trial they can ask the judge to order the other spouse to cover those costs. In cases where one party earns more money than the other, a local judge is likely to concede to spousal maintenance payments from that spouse. Both parties to a Montgomery County divorce typically request that the other pay for their attorney’s fees. The courts may order some or all attorney’s fees to be paid, but that usually happens after the trial has ended. One of the parties may also ask that legal fees be awarded temporarily while the case is pending if they do not have sufficient funds to pay their counsel while the other party does. An experienced lawyer could ask the court to award those fees on behalf of one party.

Additionally, if any specialists are summoned to weigh in on a case, either party could file and request that the other pays for those experts’ fees. Retirement assets could also be used to pay for attorney’s fees as well as any bank account funds that a person has access to. They could take out loans or borrow money from family or friends, which is very common. Sometimes if an individual has a home and mortgage in their name, it may be necessary to take a second mortgage, which could be settled either later in the case or at trial. These fees would ultimately be decided by a judge.

Contact an Attorney to Discuss the Cost of a Montgomery County Divorce

At the end of the day, if both parties are using marital assets to litigate their case, they will end up with fewer at the end of their divorce. This is why it is recommended to retain counsel right away in divorce cases for advice and assistance with arriving at an amicable resolution outside of litigation and before a family’s assets are exhausted. Reach out to our firm today to learn about how you can prepare for and mitigate the cost of a Mongomery County divorce.