Divorce can be a very intimate experience, and bringing a third party into marital dissolution proceedings may feel like an invasion of privacy to some. However, studies have shown that third-party mediation can significantly mitigate stress and animosity between estranged spouses and simplify the otherwise complicated divorce process.

If you and your spouse wish to work together toward a mutually agreeable divorce, you can benefit from speaking with a Montgomery County mediation lawyer. An experienced divorce attorney can explain each step of the process, outline the relevant legal information for your situation, and help you decide whether third-party mediation is right for you.

How Does Mediation Work in a Divorce Case?

When two divorcing spouses agree to meet with a mediator in Montgomery County, they begin a series of private negotiations about their marital issues. The mediator is a neutral third party and does not advocate for or represent either spouse. Instead, the mediator seeks to help both parties establish their priorities, explore possible solutions, and ultimately settle on an agreement.

While agreements formed during mediation sessions can be made legally enforceable when signed by a judge at a later time, nothing a mediator says or does is admissible in court. They have no legal authority to discuss or enforce any suggestion or decision made during a mediation session, so divorcing couples can focus on finding the best solution for their situation without fear of legally binding repercussions.

A mediator’s role is to facilitate communication and cooperation between estranged spouses. This form of alternative dispute resolution often leads to more comprehensive and mutually beneficial outcomes to divorce proceedings.

Choosing between Mediation and Litigation

Mediation can be beneficial in many ways and often saves time and money compared to drawn-out and expensive litigation. The cost of mediation sessions in Montgomery County can vary depending on who the mediator is and how complicated a divorce is likely to be. A local attorney can work with an individual spouse or couple to determine what expenses and outcomes they might expect in their case.

Mediation also allows couples to maintain control over sensitive decisions in their separation. Because of this, mediation often decreases the amount of stress in a divorce, thereby allowing both spouses and their family to focus on their own emotional wellbeing.

It is important to note, however, that even when mediation is court ordered, the success thereof is completely dependent upon the parties, and the result is completely voluntary. The process only works if both spouses are committed to working together on finding an amicable resolution to their marital issues. Anyone who is worried that their partner would hide key information, fail to attend appointments, or make threats should discuss those concerns with a mediation lawyer before initiating the process. While even the most contentious divorces can benefit from cooperative negotiations, litigation can be a useful alternative in situations where one spouse refuses to cooperate.

Speak with a Montgomery County Mediation Attorney

If you believe your spouse would be willing to work with you to achieve a fair and agreeable resolution to your divorce, mediation may be the best choice for you. A Montgomery County mediation lawyer can help you determine whether this alternative dispute resolution process is right for you. Dedicated legal guidance can be key to making the most of your negotiation experience. If you are considering mediation in your divorce, call today for a consultation.