The divorce process in Virginia can be lengthy. Two parties have to be separated for a period in excess of a one year in order to file for a divorce. There are some exceptions to that, but that is the primary method of proceeding with the divorce. Once the case is filed, there can be certain hearings early on in the case relating to temporary issues of support, custody, preserving marital assets and other such things.

Once the case is filed, if the parties are unable to resolve it by agreement and the case goes to trial, often times the trial will not be put on the court’s docket until almost a year after filling. A divorce that is contested and goes to trial can take approximately two years to resolve from the date of separation until the final hearing. Since the Virginia divorce process can be lengthy and involved, it is recommended to have the help of a Virginia divorce attorney along the way.

Benefits of a Divorce Attorney

A person considering a divorce would benefit from going to an attorney sooner or rather than later so they are well aware of what their rights are and what their responsibilities may be. It is important to think about what their goals are moving forward in terms of finances and custody before seeing a lawyer so that when an individual has their initial meeting, that individual can give their attorney an idea of what kinds of issues are most important to an individual and what their goals are moving forward in their divorce case process in Virginia.

Process Without an Attorney

If an individual does not see a divorce lawyer, they likely will not understand what their rights are and what remedies may be available to them through the court. The divorce process even when parties proceed relatively amicably is not user-friendly and it can be important to have an attorney by their side to help that individual navigate the full divorce process in Virginia.

Complications in a Divorce

One issue periodically seen is when one spouse starts taking money, such as by draining a bank account and hiding the funds, or taking their money and spending it in a way that is not consistent with the interest of the family as a whole. If an individual has a family lawyer assisting that individual with their case, they will have the ability to tell an individual what remedies a person may have to stop that from happening and help guide an individual through the court process in order to get some security regarding finances.


Cooperation can be the most important thing in the process of a Virginia divorce case and that is a difficult thing to do when an individual is at odds with the person that individual has been sharing their life with. Being open with information and trying to refrain from needless argument can really make their divorce process in Virginia go more smoothly. If both parties are willing to be cordial to each other and cooperative through the process, not only will it go more smoothly but it will likely make the divorce much less costly.