Although parents want what is best for their children, going through the custody process can be difficult for everyone involved. Whether you are seeking full custody or are attempting to modify your order, contacting a skilled family attorney can be beneficial to helping you ensure your rights are represented.

Courts ultimately have the right to set schedules and determine who will make decisions pertaining to minor children, but a Silver Springs child custody lawyer can help you fight to reach your goals to the fullest extent.

Legal and Physical Custody in Silver Spring

Maryland uses the terms legal and physical custody and parenting time in regard to dividing parents’ responsibilities. Legal custody pertains to the right to make crucial decisions regarding a minor’s life. A person with legal custody can determine the following issues:

  • Medical care and treatments
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Psychological care

Physical custody and parenting time refers to the schedule of where the children will spend their time. Parents with physical custody have parenting time and access to the child and make general day-to-day decisions on their behalf.

In many cases, parents might share legal and physical custody, which means they will have to make important decisions on the children’s behalf together. Additionally, both parents will have an appropriate amount of time with the children.

In some circumstances, a court might grant decision-making authority or time with the children to just one parent. A Silver Spring lawyer can explain how these issues relate to a person’s child custody case and advise them on their legal options.

Determining the Best Interests of the Children

Standards the court must use when determining physical and legal custody is the children’s best interests. An arrangement that might be beneficial to a parent may not necessarily be beneficial to their children. In this case, the courts must prioritize the children’s needs over that of the parent or parents.

Courts review several factors in making these decisions, including which parent generally provides the primary care for the children, parental fitness, material opportunity, ability to maintain relationships with family, the child’s age, and the children’s preference, if applicable. However, in most cases, child preference will only hold weight for older children. A seasoned attorney can help parents understand their rights and advocate for child custody arrangements that they believe will best serve the children.

Can Custody Arrangements be Modified?

Courts generally create a schedule that is intended to remain in effect and provide the children with a stable environment. For that reason, if a parent chooses to seek a modification, they will have the burden of demonstrating why the changes are necessary and in the children’s best interests. If a parent needs a child custody modification, considering contacting a lawyer in Silver Spring should be a top priority.

Call a Silver Spring Child Custody Attorney Right Away

Custody decisions impact the entire family, so it is vital to ensure that the agreement works to create a stable environment for any children who are involved. If you are going through a separation, custody battle, or are seeking to modify or custody agreement, retain the assistance of a Silver Spring child custody lawyer today. A dedicated and compassionate attorney can help you advocate for the best circumstances for you and your children.