A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two people who are about to get married. It primarily serves as a planning tool that allows couples to reach certain levels of financial security before marriage.

If you are curious how a prenuptial agreement could help you safeguard your financial future, a practiced marital contract attorney can advise you on your options for drafting such a legal document. While no two marriages are the same, many couples benefit from the guidance of a Rockville prenuptial agreements lawyer.

Benefits of a Prenup Agreement in Rockville

For many couples that consider a prenuptial agreement, ensuring clarity throughout the course of the marriage is important. Two people can believe they are on the same page, only to learn during a divorce that their expectations were far apart.

These agreements allow both sides to determine how to split assets should their marriage end in divorce. By ensuring that both parties understand the division of their property, these documents prevent any surprises should a divorce occur.

In addition, the parties could decide and memorialize in a prenup what types of assetss will be divided in the event of a divorce. Other situations that may call for a prenup include when a party enters the marriage with far more assets or debt than the other. For instance, one spouse may have a controlling interest in a business or a large inheritance or has amassed a wealth prior to marriage. Alternatively, a prenuptial contract could be useful when one spouse owns real property prior to marriage and wants to insulate that property from any future division.

In any of these situations, this type of agreement could prove valuable. The guidance of a Rockville attorney can explain the benefits of a prenuptial agreement depending on the circumstances of a particular situation.

Legal Requirements for Prenuptial Contracts

It is important to consult a local attorney before attempting to enter into a prenuptial agreement. There are important legal rights contained in these documents, and failure to understand and address these rights properly in a legal document could have long-term, far reaching financial consequences.

One critical requirement is that both sides must fully disclose all of their assets. Should a party hide assets, this could create a need for litigation if the parties ever get divorced or separated. It is unfair for a party to sign away their legal rights to a spouse’s property if they are unaware of what those assets entail.

Speak with a Rockville Prenuptial Agreements Attorney

The process of drafting a fair and comprehensive prenuptial agreement can be complex. The prenuptial agreement will control what happens to your assetss and income should your marriage get dissolved, so it is important to put as much effort into drafting the right document as possible.

Given the assets at stake, you should seek out experienced legal counsel to assist you in preparing these legal contracts. Call a Rockville prenuptial agreements lawyer as soon as possible to get started.