There are few things in life more distressing than divorce, especially when children are involved. Parents face overwhelming emotional challenges when separating, and often the most significant source of anxiety involves issues around the care and custody of children.

A Rockville visitation lawyer can offer valuable insight and support to a parent seeking to assert their right to spend time with their child. A child custody attorney specializing in visitation can help you understand how the courts determine a child’s best interest and help you create a visitation schedule that supports your children’s well-being.

What Are Parents’ Rights to Visitation in Rockville?

In cases of divorce and separation, visitation refers to a parent’s right to spend time with their children. Rockville courts generally presume that a child’s biological parents are the best caretakers for them, and local judges do not favor mothers over fathers or vice versa.

A Rockville lawyer can help parents draft a fair and reasonable visitation schedule and present it to a family court on their behalf. However, the process of obtaining visitation rights can get complicated in some cases.

Unmarried Parents

If parents are not legally married, they can enter into a custody or parenting agreement to outline their rights of access to the children. It is important to draft a binding agreement in the best interest of the children, and therefore, you should seek out the assistance of a local attorney.

Incarcerated Parents

If a parent is incarcerated, the court may rule that there will be no or limited visitation with their child. The determination will be made by the judge as to what is in the best interest of the child. This is also true in cases involving a parent with a history of domestic violence. An attorney who is familiar with visitation laws in Rockville can help protect a child’s safety in the case of visitation with an incarcerated parent and with a parent who has a history of domestic violence.


In Rockville, only in rare circumstances can grandparents ask for visitation, and they are considered “non-parent” third parties. There is a very complicated body of law with regard to third parties (non-biological parents) seeking custody of minor children. One of our steadfast legal advocates can help a grandparent understand the parameters of their limited right to court-ordered visitation with their grandchildren.

How Does a Court Determine Visitation Schedules?

The best-case scenario for any court-ordered visitation is when the parents come up with a schedule independently. Given how difficult this can be during divorce, a Rockville visitation attorney can encourage a parent to work out an agreement to avoid a distressing trial.

Regardless of whether parents propose an agreement, the court must ensure that the visitation schedule is in the best interests of the child. A lawyer from our firm can explain how local courts determine a child’s best interests.

Reach out to a Rockville Visitation Attorney Today

Even when parents come to a mutual understanding about visitation, it is critical to submit a legally valid and enforceable document to the court. A Rockville visitation lawyer can help you collect evidence and create an agreement that protects your children’s best interest.

If necessary, your attorney can go to court on your behalf if the other party is not following the agreement. We can help you navigate the emotional complexities and construct a visitation agreement that supports your family’s health and happiness, so call our firm today.