Maryland Litigation Lawyer | Litigating in Family Court

Whether a family law case involves a divorce, the custody of children, the division of marital property, or the payment of spousal or child support, it is best to consult with an attorney before initiating litigation. A well-versed legal advocate can not only make arguments in person on your behalf, but also help you navigate the complex Maryland family court procedures. A Maryland litigation lawyer from our firm can help you during all phases of the legal process.

Types of Family Law Cases

It is not required for any person who goes to family court to bring a lawyer. While any party is able to argue their cases in a pro se manner, it can be difficult for someone without legal experience to effectively present their testimony in court. With the potentially life-altering nature of the Maryland family court’s decisions, it would benefit any claimant to consider working with a litigation attorney.

Divorce cases must take stock of each parties’ rights and obligations. Commonly disputed items in divorces include the division of marital property, control and value of a business, child custody, child support, and the payment of alimony. Litigation attorneys in Maryland can help protect a party’s rights in all of these matters.

For example, one parent may accuse another of failing to provide proper child support payments. One of our lawyers can help analyze the law, compare relevant statutes with the facts of a particular case, and present their conclusions to the court.

Stages of a Lawsuit

The first and perhaps most important role for a Maryland litigation attorney is to identify the issues in a case. A person may be seeking a divorce that demands alimony, or they may be looking to modify an existing child support order. An attorney can work to identify relevant legal issues and determine whether litigation is appropriate.

A litigation lawyer from our firm can also help settle claims outside of court. In fact, most cases end at this stage as parties find common ground and reach a settlement with an attorney’s assistance. While a judge may still need to approve a settlement, a litigation lawyer can help protect a person’s rights during every stage of a Maryland family law case.

Litigation is the last phase of a case in family court. While it is possible that every case will eventually boil down to arguments before a judge, in reality, most cases are settled out of court.

A Maryland Litigation Attorney Can Help

Every case that arises in a Maryland family court has the potential to become a contentious and emotional issue. These cases can involve your finances, custody over your children, and your ability to control a family business.

In these cases, it is essential to work with an attorney who understands local court processes, who can accurately evaluate the evidence within the terms of the law, and who can articulate those points to a judge or jury. A Maryland litigation lawyer can assist you with filing a lawsuit, during depositions, in settlement talks, and in court to protect your legal rights. Call us today to learn more about your legal options.