Qualified legal counsel can provide important assistance in making sure your child is provided for. Both parents must contribute financially to raising a child, even if both are not actively involved in the child’s life. If you are seeking support, or if you are paying support and need to make a modification to the amount due, consider retaining an experienced family law attorney.

A child has a right under Maryland law to be financially supported by both parents so they can take advantage of opportunities that life has to offer. If you are raising a child and you need a financial contribution from the other parent that you are not currently getting, a Maryland child support lawyer can help make that happen.

The Role of an Attorney

Your attorney can provide you with assistance in completing a paternity test in order to receive court-ordered child support. Your lawyer can also help you understand how support is calculated and what you should be entitled to receive. There are standard guidelines used in Maryland to determine an appropriate support amount, and those guidelines should apply to your situation unless there is a very specific reason why deviating would be acceptable. A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement typically do not feature provisions regarding child support or enforcement of support because a parent cannot waive a child’s right to support.

Your legal representative can help you take the necessary steps to get a support order and to enforce a support order if your ex is not paying. Both a mother and a father could be obligated to pay child support, depending on which parent has the higher income and is responsible for the care of the child on a regular basis. A parent who has shared custody of a child is assumed to be providing for them during the time they live in his or her home.

When you are responsible for providing child support and your custody arrangement or circumstances have changed, a seasoned Maryland child support attorney can also provide you with assistance arguing for a necessary modification. You cannot just stop paying support, even if you have lost your income or have new and unexpected expenses, or you may face legal consequences.

Maryland Child Support Laws

Maryland considers both parents’ income as well as the special needs of a child, the custody arrangement, and other relevant factors when determining an amount. Maryland Family Law Code Section 12-201 provides details on what income should be counted and what expenses can be deducted in determining an appropriate child support amount. A dedicated child support lawyer in Maryland can provide details on the amount of support payments appropriate for your specific situation.

Getting Legal Help From a Maryland Child Support Attorney

Legal counsel can help you not only to get your initial support order in place but also to ensure you are able to take advantage of the legal mechanisms for enforcement of a support order. You owe it to your children to get them the money they need to have a childhood in which they are well provided for, so call today to speak with a Maryland child support lawyer who can help.