In Virginia, child custody is determined by a court. The court is required to look at certain factors that have been set out by the Virginia legislature. They use those factors and the evidence presented in the case to decide what is in the children’s best interests.

If you are going through child custody proceedings and are looking for legal advice on how to best navigate your case, it is important to consult with a Loudoun County child custody lawyer as soon as possible.

Prioritizing the Children

A parent should always consider as the primary focus what is best for the child. That can be difficult to do when what may be the best for the child may not be the best or most convenient for that parent. However, the most important thing is to be as objective as a person can about what the child’s needs are and what is the best way to fit those needs into the new family dynamic of having two households instead of one. An experienced child custody lawyer in Loudoun County can help individual’s make that determination as to what is best for their particular situation.

Precautionary Steps

Sometimes, parents will go to a mental health professional to talk about ways that they might be able to share with the children the news that the family dynamic will be changing. A counselor or a mental health professional can often times give parents helpful information about the best way to share that information with the children because it can depend on the age of the child in terms of how best to convey that information.

Mental health professionals can also give parents some good tips on how to insulate the children as best as possible from the emotional conflict that exists in the case. If parents are willing to do it, they can arm themselves with useful information about how to do the best they can by their children.

Understanding the Factors of the Case

If somebody is going to be going through a custody dispute in the court, they need to make sure to familiarize themselves with the factors that the court has to consider. Some of the most important considerations in many cases have to do with the willingness of each parent to foster a positive relationship between the children and the other parent.

Custodial Parent

Custodial parent is a term that is typically used by the parent who has the residence where the children primarily live. Oftentimes when people say the custodial parent they are talking about the parent who has the house where the children spend more time than they do with the other parent. A Loudoun County child custody attorney can help an individual understand the specific terms associated with their case.

Benefits of a Lawyer

A Loudoun County child custody lawyer can be useful in a couple of ways. They can advise the client about potential pitfalls in the process, what to expect in terms of the legal system, and some common mistakes that parents make when they are involved in a custody dispute.

A custody attorney can also help parties understand the facts that the court is supposed to consider and present the best case in line with the factors that are set out by the Virginia legislature.