In order to modify custody, parents may enter into a new agreement or request the judge to order a new custody and access schedule. Doing so involves petitioning a judge for a new court order with updated terms and conditions. If you want to file with the court, you must allege and be able to prove a material change in circumstances before you can be successful in altering to your current child-sharing plan.

Bethesda courts may consider circumstantial changes which affect a child’s best interests and issue an updated custody order. However, convincing a judge to rescind their last ruling and fulfil your requests can be challenging without the professional guidance of a seasoned Bethesda child custody modification lawyer. To learn whether your situation qualifies, consider speaking with a knowledgeable child custody attorney.

Children’s Best Interests May Change Over Time

The best interests of children change as they age and largely depend on their family’s circumstances and resources. There are many factors that could lead a parent or judge to consider a change in custody.

For example, if a child starts failing in school, their custody arrangement may need to be altered to account for their needs. Remaining in that party’s custody could have a negative impact on their educational performance, so a judge may award greater physical access to the child’s other parent.

Qualifying for a Modification

Issues that develop between the parents could impact a judge’s decision on whether to modify a custody order. For instance, if one party starts abusing drug or alcohol, that could be a basis for the filing of a motion for modification with the court. Parents who commit family violence may also warrant alterations to custody on the basis of protecting the children’s safety.

Another qualifying situation may involve one parent who lived out of state when the custody order was given but has since moved closer to where their child lives. It may be appropriate for the child to spend more time with that parent.

Changes in a custodial parent’s health or employment may also lead a judge to grants a child custody modification. A parent’s material change in circumstances would require one or both of them to file with the court and ask that their current custody arrangement be altered according to their children’s best interests.

A skilled parenting plan modification lawyer in Bethesda could help either party prove to the courts that there was a material change in their circumstance that affects the best interest of their children. If everything is the same aside from one parent wanting more time with the kids, that alone would not be considered a material change in circumstances, and a judge would likely not grant the request for modification.

Call a Bethesda Child Custody Modification Attorney Today

If your family has recently undergone substantial changes that have impacted your children’s needs, or if you would like to find out if family changes would or could qualify as substantial changes that could affect your custodial rights, you should consider getting in touch with a dedicated legal advocate who is familiar with custody modification cases. Preparing for your case before entering litigation could make a substantial difference in reaching a favorable outcome.

Let a Bethesda child custody modification lawyer help you address your family’s new needs and fight for your kids’ best interests in court. Call today to start discussing your case.