Divorces can be complicated on an emotional, as well as legal, level. If you are engaged in a divorce, you may have questions about spousal support. Some parties who divorce will need to pay support, while other parties may have the ability to recover support from their spouses.

The financial implications of support payments will impact both parties for many years. If you are undergoing a divorce and need help working out alimony payments, a family lawyer can help. An experienced Arlington spousal support lawyer can assist you in creating a spousal support agreement that is fair and equitable.

Alimony Pedente Lite in Arlington

When parties begin divorce proceedings, it is not uncommon for one spouse to leave the marital residence. If one of the individuals supported the couple financially and the other cared for children or the home, the dependent spouse may end up in financial trouble as a result of their spouse leaving.

For instances like these, the court can award temporary alimony that will last for the course of the divorce proceedings. This form of support is known as alimony pedente lite. This support will only last until the court issues the final divorce decree.

At the end of the divorce, the court can award spousal support that will last for many years more or indefinitely. A seasoned attorney can explain the use of temporary alimony in more detail to Arlington divorcees.

Support After a Divorce

In Arlington, a party must file for alimony before divorce proceedings come to an end. Once the parties complete their divorce, there will be no opportunity to return to court for alimony. There are other issues that parties might need to return to court for, but the right to alimony extinguishes when divorce proceedings come to a close.

The court can award alimony either rehabilitative or indefinitely. Rehabilitative alimony will help the receiving spouse have time to become independent and self-sufficient. Divorcing parties can discuss alimony implications and options with their respective spousal support lawyers to get a better understanding of spousal support laws in Arlington.

Factors Involved in Alimony

Spousal support is not always an option in the dissolution of a marriage. There are numerous factors that a court will examine in their decision regarding alimony, including:

  • The ability of the parties to support themselves
  • The time that each party needs to become self-sufficient
  • The length of the marriage
  • The contributions that each party made to the marriage
  • The ages of the parties
  • The mental and physical situations of the parties
  • The ability of the paying party to support themselves while making payments
  • The resources of the parties

The court may not necessarily review these factors as a checklist, but they must complete a thorough evaluation of the issues involved. In cases where one spouse seeking support is relatively young and healthy, the court may award rehabilitative alimony for a determined amount of time. If the spouses are older and the receiving spouse is unlikely to become self-sufficient, the court might award alimony indefinitely.

Certain life changes may also impact alimony, such as whether the receiving spouse remarries. In that case, the paying party will no longer need to provide support. There are many factors that go into determining these payments, which makes it all the more important for divorcing couples to have a skilled local attorney on their side during the proceedings.

Consult with an Arlington Spousal Support Attorney

Spousal support issues can be complex, and divorcing individuals likely have concerns about the impact of the divorce on their financial well-being. Both the paying and the receiving spouse will have a vested interest in alimony negotiations.

An Arlington spousal support lawyer can answer your alimony-related questions and negotiate on your behalf during divorce proceedings. Reach out to a dedicated legal professional today to learn more about your potential rights and obligations regarding spousal support.