There are many things about divorce that tend to make it a complicated process. Divorce is one of the most complicated processes that a person can go through primarily because it involves what is most important to people like their children, their lives, where they live, and their finances. Dissolving a marriage changes the nature of their lives forever. It involves the emotions not only of the two married people, but also those of their children.

The other thing that makes it very complicated is the time and money involved. Because they are going through the court system, which is usually very backed up, divorce litigation could take months or years to complete. It is very difficult to get immediate relief, and it is important for the parties to have access to funds in order to defend and prosecute their cases in court with an experienced divorce attorney.

If both parties have an attorney, they are more likely to negotiate a settlement or at least speed up the divorce process in court. Retaining legal representation also allows the parties to resolve their contested marital issues and ensures that their best interests are upheld during court proceedings.

Commonly Cited Legal Grounds for Divorce

Most Montgomery divorces are based on 12-month separation between the spouses. As soon as the parties are separated from bed and board and no longer have marital relations, they could file for either a limited or an absolute divorce. Otherwise, divorce papers typically allege more than one legal ground to increase the chances of a final divorce decree.

Besides separation, adultery and abandonment are often cited in a spouse’s divorce papers. When only one party wanted to separate and subsequently left the marital home, that could be considered as abandoning the marriage and legally cited as desertion. Cruelty of treatment also serves as legal grounds for dissolving a marriage, although it is very unlikely to yield a divorce decree.

The Impact of Finances

Montgomery County divorce cases are unique because the surrounding area is very affluent. That tends to lead to a great deal of divorce filings, and the parties are usually able to separate quickly because they have the financial means to do so. One common issue during the Montgomery County divorce process is when one spouse is disproportionately wealthier than other. This would put one party at a great disadvantage during litigation, even if their legal grounds are valid.

An Attorney Can Prepare You for Common Issues During the Divorce Process in Montgomery County

Montgomery County lawyers could help people who are either looking to get divorce or in the process of dissolving a marriage. If you are considering getting a divorce, it is very important that you consult with a knowledgeable attorney so you can understand the law, your rights, the procedure, and any common issues during the divorce process in Montgomery County. Like marriage, filing for divorce should not be an impulse decision.

If you are planning to get divorced, you should consult with local legal counsel about how to best plan the dissolution of your marriage, negotiate contested issues, and file all the necessary paperwork. If you were served with papers by your spouse and they hired an attorney, you should immediately call our firm for help thought this process.