The best interest of the children involved in a Maryland child custody case is based on several factors including but not limited to the parents’ financial circumstances, the fault of the breakup, the children’s ages, the children’s health and that of their parents, and the proximity of their parents’ residences. Retaining a skilled attorney who has experience with determining children’s best interest in Maryland custody cases could make a substantial difference in reaching a favorable outcome that meets your family’s needs.

Important Considerations

Any factor which is deemed relevant may influence a judge’s decision on the best interest of the children. For example, local courts would examine who is living with either party, the school that the kids go to, their academic performance, and any other factor they deem relevant to the children’s welfare in order to make a decision on custody. A judge would also be required to evaluate the willingness of either party to share custody and the medical needs of their shared children.

However, adultery would not impact a custody decision in most cases. Infidelity may be cited as a legal ground for dissolving a marriage, but in the majority of cases it does not diminish a parent’s caring capacity in the eyes of the court. Maryland courts have upheld that a parent’s adulterous misconduct has nothing to do with their ability to care for their children.

The Significance of Children’s Best Interests

Maryland family courts must use the best interest standard to determine the legal and physical custody of children in a particular set of circumstances. A judge is responsible for determining children’s best interests in Maryland child custody cases and protecting their wellbeing in legally binding court orders.

Serving their parents’ interests is not a priority to the tribunal. For example, a judge may order that a vulnerable child be kept away from a violent parent or allow supervised visitation only to a parent who abuses alcohol or drugs.

Pitfalls Associated with the Best Interest Standard

A child’s best interests are subjective, so litigating custody can be challenging. A parent who spends most or all of their time with their kids may have a different idea of their children’s best interests as opposed to a judge who has never met their family.

Parties also have a limited time to go to court and explain their family circumstances. A judge would get a quick snapshot of the most important things about a case, which can make determining children’s best interests in Maryland custody cases difficult.

Learn More about Determining Children’s Best Interests in Maryland Child Custody Cases from an Attorney

A well-versed custody attorney in Maryland could advise, advocate, and represent a parent in court to defend their current court order, request changes to it, or draft a new one. Determining children’s best interests in Maryland custody cases can be made easier with professional guidance from a lawyer from our firm.

A local judge would need to examine many important factors, so it is best to hire an attorney as soon as possible for help with collecting evidence and compiling documents. Contact us today to learn more about what to expect from custody litigation and court proceedings.