Tips for Co-Parenting During COVID-19

Drafting a co-parenting plan that works for you and your partner is already difficult, and when COVID-19 is thrown into the mix it can be more difficult to create a plan. Parents are now having to determine how to co-parent in the middle of a pandemic, which can create more problems. However, there are some tips that can alleviate the stress of trying to co-parent during this unprecedented time.

Put The Child First

While each party will want to spend equal time with their kid, it is important to put the child’s needs and safety first. Depending on how many people live in each party’s home, or if one parent has someone at high risk living in their home, it may be difficult to have the child go between parents. That could put the child, other members in the house, and each parent at risk. Adjusting a co-parenting schedule should keep the child safe, and everyone involved safe as well.

Temporary Modifications

COVID-19 is causing parents to rethink their current parenting schedule. This pandemic will not last forever, so it is important when rethinking co-parenting schedules to make the changes temporary. Modifications during this time are okay and likely needed, but they should not be permanent in nature. These changes can be made in writing and at the end of the new arrangement, it can say, “this arrangement is only valid during the pandemic” or something similar so that it is clear to both parents this is not a permanent plan.

Virtual Visits

If it may not be safe for the child to transfer between the parent’s home, that does not mean the non-custodial parent cannot see their child. It is possible to stay connected virtually through video calls. Visual visits can be set up between the child and other co-parent so the child can still see and interact with their other parent. However, if the non-custodial parent doesn’t agree, access should not be denied. Co-parents can make a schedule for these virtual visits, and it is important that once a schedule is made, that parents stick to their schedule.

Contact a Family Law Attorney Today

If you are trying to update, or change your co-parenting plan, but do not know where to start, contact an attorney today. An experienced and local family law attorney could guide you through the process and help you going forward in drafting a plan that is fair and benefits your child.