When legal challenges come to the forefront and threaten your rights as a parent, it is imperative to have accomplished legal representation on your side. A Washington DC mother’s rights lawyer can assist with numerous types of family law concerns. A trusted family attorney could evaluate your case and inform you of your most robust legal options.

Overview of a Mother’s Rights

In most cases, the paternity of a mother is not in question. When two parents are not married and have a child together, the mother would be provided complete parental privileges unless and until the father establishes paternity. The father’s paternity could be initiated either by submitting a signed voluntary paternity acknowledgment or through a decree of the court. On the other hand, if the parents are married at the time of the child’s birth, both parents would be granted custodial rights of the child.

When it comes to establishing custodial rights during divorce or responding to a petition made by an unwed father for custodial rights, the judge would consider the child’s ruling interests when deciding whether to grant custody or visitation. A mother’s rights attorney in Washington DC could provide committed legal assistance throughout the client’s family law matter.

Visitation and Custodial Arrangements

When a judge is deciding whether or not granting custodial rights to the mother and/or father is in the child’s best interests, they would look at numerous elements. If the child is 12 or older and is therefore considered to be of sound mind to decide which parent they would like to live with, the court would factor the child’s wishes into their final decision. The health of both parents, the desires of both parents, how close the parents live to one another, and the child’s relationship with each parent are also elements that the judge would consider.

In terms of the mother’s rights to her child, the judge could grant a custody decree that encourages continued interaction between the mother and child and a joint role in raising the child with their father. For instances of abuse, abandonment, or abduction, it is presumed that joint custodial arrangements will best meet the child’s interests. Legal custody indicates which parent will make significant decisions about the child’s life, while a parent with physical custodial rights is the parent the child lives with.

The mother could have sole legal and physical custody or share one or both types of custody with the child’s father. Typically, the mother’s rights would only ever be in question if the court determines that having such rights would oppose child’s best interests. If for some reason a mother is not granted physical custody, the court can give them visitation rights. A mother’s rights lawyer can provide more information regarding the custody and visitation requirements in DC.

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