A separation agreement is created by two people who were married but who no longer wish to live as a couple. Because marriage creates a shared life, and vests rights and responsibilities in both of the spouses, the process of ending a marriage can be very complicated.

A separation agreement is often an essential step in the process of dissolving a marriage. A skilled Maryland separation agreement lawyer can provide you with representation and can advocate for your interests as this important legal document is created. Get in touch with a dedicated marital agreements attorney for help with drafting a legally binding document.

Should You Have a Maryland Separation Agreement Lawyer?

In Maryland, most couples who end a marriage get an absolute divorce. This divorce gives the spouses the right to marry other people and it permanently severs their marital bond.  There must be grounds for an absolute divorce, and a legal separation for 12 months is one of the most common grounds (other grounds include insanity, adultery, certain criminal convictions, and cruelty to a spouse or to a child).

Because you may need to be separated for a year or longer before a marriage is dissolved, the creation of a separation agreement may be extremely beneficial. You may also require a separation contract if you are involved in a trial separation and have not decided for sure if you want to divorce. This agreement will outline the terms of your separation. It could address issues like how you’ll parent your kids and share time with them, and who will pay the bills during the time before the divorce is finalized and property is divided, or alimony awarded.

Your separation agreement can have a profound impact on your financial stability and on your children’s lives. You may need help from a steadfast attorney familiar with Maryland separation agreements so you can get the advice and assistance you need to try and protect your interests both before your marriage ends and after your divorce.

What Does a Separation Agreement Mean in Maryland?

You are not legally required to create an agreement outlining the terms of a separation, although you will need a final divorce settlement which may include a parenting plan and child support order if your marriage is permanently dissolved in an absolute divorce. While you do not have to create a separation agreement, the contract you develop with your spouse about how your separation will work could be legally enforced by the courts. If your spouse refuses to abide by a valid agreement, you can take legal action for breaching your contract.

If you cannot agree on the terms of your separation and you are facing problems like your child being kept from you or serious financial struggle because the breadwinner spouse is not caring for a stay-at-home spouse, you can ask the court to step in. A knowledgeable lawyer in Maryland can provide assistance in negotiating a separation agreement with your spouse or in getting the court to protect your kids and finances as you wait for the final end of your marriage or decide if you wish to reconcile or move further on the path to divorce.

Getting Help from a Maryland Separation Agreement Attorney

A Maryland separation agreement lawyer can provide help today, no matter where you are in the process of moving towards separation or divorce. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your legal options.