What Papers Do I Need to Remarry After a Divorce?


Understanding the path towards remarriage after divorce can be complex. Knowing the correct papers to have prepared and the proper steps to take can be stressful without legal guidance.

If you are struggling through the remarriage process following divorce, an experienced divorce attorney can provide you with the assistance you need to move on to the next chapter of your life. Contact a skilled lawyer today to set up a free consultation so you can begin the path towards remarriage.

What Is a Divorce Decree and How Does It Pertain to Remarriage?

A divorce decree is the piece of paper that finalizes your divorce and allows you to remarry. Showing proof of a legal divorce is the first step towards remarriage, and it holds importance because it proves that the court officially terminated your previous marriage. It is illegal to marry another person while technically still married to someone else, which is why this divorce decree is such an essential element of the process towards remarriage. A divorce decree consists of information pertaining to:

A divorce decree contains all pieces of information regarding you and your ex-partner and what you agreed upon throughout the divorce. A divorce decree is different from a divorce certificate because the decree is backed by the courts, whereas a certificate comes from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Although both are good documents to keep hold of in the case of remarriage, a divorce decree gives the primary documentation required for beginning that next chapter.

What Other Pieces of Information Are Necessary for Remarriage?

Although the primary document needed to remarry is the divorce decree, other pieces of information are also required. Remarriage generally involves a large amount of paperwork, and you will also need a marriage license application. A marriage license is issued under state law and is typically issued in the county you intend to marry. Some of the other documents needed for remarriage include:

  • Form of identification
  • Social security card
  • Information regarding all previous marriages, including the number of previous marriages and the date of your last marriage
  • Name-change records if you changed your name following a divorce

When trying to remarry after divorce, having as much information as possible to prove your divorce is essential. You want to be able to provide the court with all the necessary paperwork to ensure that you are able to get remarried.

Questions about Remarriage Documents? Speak with Dedicated Divorce Attorney Today

If you are trying to rebuild your life and start the process towards getting remarried, a seasoned divorce attorney can help. There are specific papers needed to remarry after a divorce, and a dedicated legal professional can help you gather and compile all the necessary information, making your path towards remarriage that much more straightforward. Give us a call today to learn more about the papers you need to remarry and how we can help you during this process.