If you are going through divorce proceedings and have not been granted custody of your child, you may still be able to gain access to your child through scheduled visitations. In some cases, visitations rights may also be available to specific members of a child’s family, such as grandparents. If you need assistance filing for visitation rights, a Washington DC visitation lawyer can inform you of your rights and what options may be available to pursue this kind of claim.

A family lawyer can assess your situation to determine whether you may be eligible for visitation and help you file the documents necessary to seek these privileges.

Eligibility for Visitation

The fundamental interests of the child or children would be the court’s chief consideration when deciding whether or not the claimant is eligible for visitation. Generally, parents who are not awarded custody of their children may still seek visitation rights. A child’s father might have to establish paternity in order to request visitation privileges. Certain extended family members may also be granted visitation if they can show the court that being given such privileges would be in the child’s best interests.

If divorce or separation proceedings are already underway, a Washington DC visitation attorney can help the petitioner file for visitation. If their petition is granted, the parent afforded visitation rights would be obligated to start contributing to the financial support of the child. In situations where legal action has yet to be filed, the requesting parent could file for visitation rights in a divorce, petition for custody, legal separation, or other family law proceeding, depending on the situation.

There are also some scenarios in which a parent could be entirely barred from visitation.

Elements the Court May Consider When Deciding to Grant Visitation

There are a variety of elements that the court may consider when determining whether to grant a parent or other family member’s request for visitation rights. A visitation attorney in Washington DC can advise a party who wishes to claim visitation whether they may qualify for these rights and help them gather the evidence needed to support their case.

If a parent is seeking visitation rights, the court would examine the capacity of the petitioning parent to give the child a healthy and safe home, the parent’s prior involvement in the child’s life and economic welfare, and whether granting visitation could cause a disturbance in the child’s current routine. In addition to the interests of the child concerned, the court could also consider the child’s personal inclinations when deciding whether visitation should be approved.

Consult with an Accomplished Washington DC Visitation Attorney

You may need legal representation if you are thinking about pursuing visitation privileges. A compassionate Washington DC visitation lawyer understands what must be proven to seek these rights. An attorney can review the factors of your specific situation and provide an honest assessment of your potential claim to visitation rights.

An attorney who is familiar with the visitation laws in Washington DC can be your legal voice and work hard to demonstrate how being granted such privileges could best serve the interest of your child. Call today to discuss your case with a Washington DC attorney and possible next steps.