There are a lot of issues that arise frequently in Virginia child custody cases. A lot of times, people argue about whose responsibility it is to transport children back and forth to visitation or to extracurricular activities. This is often one of the main issues parents face.

However, there are countless issues that can arise when parents are trying to determine the rules surrounding their child custody case. If you are going through a child custody claim or are confused with where to turn next, an experienced lawyer in Virginia can assist you in navigating the complicated child custody process.

Common Issues

Parties frequently argue about what kind of access they have to the children when the children are in the other parent’s care. For instance, how often the parents get to call the children if they are in possession of the other parent can become an issue during a child custody case in Virginia.

The other main issue that arises in the context of custody and visitation cases is when one parent starts a new relationship. Whether it is marrying somebody or having a new child, it is going to impact children’s lives, but these kinds of changes alter the lives of children in concrete ways. When these developments occur, they can often be a source of conflict between the two parents of the minor child in their Virginia child custody case.

Additionally, as a child gets older and adds more extracurricular activities to their lives, visitation rights might need to be reevaluated.

Addressing Conflict

It is very common for custody to need to be addressed after the initial determination. That does not necessarily result from parents not doing the right thing or not getting along. Oftentimes, it simply has to do with the fact that children’s needs change as they get older and separate issues arise.

If custody determination is made when a person has two children who are just starting elementary school, that scenario is not going to apply the same way when those children are teenagers. In most cases, custody has to be addressed a second time or more as the children get older. Hopefully, parties will approach that in a collaborative way. As children change and their needs change, it is common for the custodial schedule to change, as well.

Modifying Arrangements

If there is a need for custody to be changed, parents should try to sit down together and talk through what kind of a situation or new arrangement would make sense for the children. However, if parties are unable to resolve that by way of agreement, they can file a motion with the court and have the court address it.

It is important for parents to know, however, that even if the parties agree on a new schedule that is best for the children, to make that schedule enforceable, they still have to go the court and have the order changed.

So, a court process will inevitably come into play. It is the difference of whether the parents go to the judge together and say that they have figured out the arrangements, or whether the parties have to approach the court process in an adversarial process to get the change made to the custodial schedule. A court can help to address any issues that may arise between two parents in a Virginia child custody case.