Once the final divorce decree is entered, and all is said and done, this may still not be the end of the story. Sometimes, disputes continue after the divorce is finalized and can bring with them fresh legal challenges. If you need help dealing with a conflict that has arisen since your divorce, a Washington DC post-divorce disputes lawyer can assist you at all stages of the process.

Whether you require assistance with a post-divorce modification or another change in situation, a knowledgeable divorce attorney could provide continuous support and work vigilantly to protect your rights and interest.

Standard Terms of a Divorce Agreement

While divorce agreements can vary based on the nature of the assets involved and concerns of each party, there are some standard terms included in most final papers. If the divorcing couple has children, the agreement would contain provisions for whether or not custodial rights will be split between the parents. The agreement would also include a visitation schedule (if applicable) for the non-custodial parent.

In circumstances where the court has ordered one party to pay spousal support, the divorce agreement would detail the amount of support to be paid as well as the level of the non-custodial parent’s child support obligation. If someone has questions about modifying any of the terms of their agreement post-divorce, they should first speak with a Washington DC attorney to discuss what possible legal options are available.

Situations that May Justify a Modification of the Divorce Judgement

One of the most commonly disputed terms of a divorce judgment is the child support obligation. There may be circumstances in which the paying party can request a modification of their child support amount. However, they must have experienced a significant shift in their economic conditions for the request to be granted. For example, if the person just lost their job, they could petition the court for a modification of their support amount.

Likewise, if the child for whom the parent is paying the support experiences a notable shift in their economic state, this may lead the parent to request a child support modification. When a change is requested, the petitioner would be required to appear before a judge in a formal hearing to present their case. A Washington DC post-divorce disputes attorney could represent the party at the hearing and prepare the necessary documents for filing with the court. If the court grants the modification, the new provisions would be enacted right away.

It should be noted that whether someone is seeking to modify their child support amount or another term of the divorce decree, they are obligated to comply with the provisions of the original agreement until such time as the court grants the modification. Other situations that may justify the divorce judgment to be modified include moving out of state for a job, sudden illness of a child or parent, and remarriage.

Call a Washington DC Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney

Whatever type of dispute you are facing, a Washington DC post-divorce disputes lawyer could be well-positioned to manage your case and put your best interests at the forefront. If you have questions about how to handle a dispute regarding your divorce settlement, an attorney could address your concerns and help you understand your options. Schedule a consultation today.