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Family lawyers handle a variety of complicated and personal legal matters. Custody disputes, divorce proceedings, and marital separation agreements are just a few of the matters that a family lawyer can help with.

When families handle these difficult circumstances, they deserve to have a resource they can count on for guidance. A seasoned attorney can serve as your advocate and work with you to create a strategy for protecting your rights and obtaining an outcome that meets your needs. Reach out to a Chevy Chase family lawyer to learn more about how they can advise you on family disputes such as divorce, child custody, and child support and assist you in seeking the best possible outcome.

Custody Decisions

Sometimes custody decisions involve parents who were never married. A father may even have to establish paternity before a custody case can proceed. In other circumstances, courts will have to make custody decisions during a divorce proceeding.

Despite popular belief, courts typically do not give special preference to mothers in custody cases. A court will seek to develop a custodial arrangement that benefits the children by analyzing various factors with the aim of ascertaining the best interest of the children and making a decision that encompasses those interests. Judges will examine many aspects of the children’s relationships with their parents to find a stable solution that will ideally provide the children ample time with both parents.

Custody decisions not only determine where the children live, but also lay out the framework for making important decisions in those children’s lives. While physical custody addresses schedules, legal custody refers to the right to make medical, religious, and educational decisions for children. A family law attorney can help Chevy Chase parents work through the legal intricacies of important custody decisions.

Changing Custody and Relocating

Parents may have a custody arrangement wherein children spend time with each parent. However, the circumstances of one or both of the parents’ lives may change so as to render a shared custody schedule unsuitable for the children in that case. For instance, one parent might move and make weeknight visits impractical or even impossible.

If the circumstances that led to a custody decision change, a parent can move to modify the agreement. However, since judges want children to have a stable environment, courts will not want to adjust schedules in the absence of a good reason.

A parent’s relocation may very well lead to a modified schedule, but also is highly likely to recommence litigation. A custodial parent cannot typically move out of state with their child(ren) without first notifying the other parent and providing strong evidence that the relocation is in the child(ren)’s best interests. Parents looking to change residences, move out of state, or change a custody agreement should consult with a family law attorney in Chevy Chase for counsel in these delicate situations.

Chevy Chase Divorce Cases

A divorce is a substantial life event that can cause a great deal of stress for everyone involved. There are many issues that a divorce case aims to resolve for the parties.

A family lawyer can help a person obtain a fair and equitable division of marital property and/or alimony. If the couple has minor children, a local attorney can help create a custody arrangement that works for the family.

No one should face divorce on their own. A Chevy Chase family attorney can help a family navigate this complex legal process.

Planning for the Future with Prenuptial Agreements

Parties who are planning to get married can help avoid future legal battles by entering into a prenuptial agreement. These documents will detail issues like property division and alimony so that the parties do not have to litigate those matters if their marriage breaks down. If a couple does not enter a prenuptial agreement, they can still create a postnuptial arrangement that will speak to many of the same issues.

If a party has children from a prior marriage or owns a business, these marital agreements can help protect those children or business interests. A family law attorney can help draft an agreement that is fair and legally enforceable in Chevy Chase.

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